Digital Printing

Direct to Garment Printing(DTG)

We provide direct to garment (DTG) digital printing service. DTG is a relatively new fabric printing method that allows any type of digital artwork to be printed directly from computers to shirts, much like how computers print on a piece of paper. However, special inks and print settings must be used and shirts must be cured properly. Some jobs may require additional pre-treatment and/or post-treatment. There is no design limitation for digital printing, which means you can print any design and color. Compared with traditional screen printing, digital printing requires virtually no set-up work and is relatively easy to handle. It offers more flexibility than screenprinting in terms of color replication and turn-around time (especially for smaller orders).

Although it is possible to print any type of image, vector graphics or high-resolution bitmaps are usually preferred in order to preserve image quality, especially for large-sized prints. After all, the print on the shirt can only be as good as the image that was loaded into the computer.