Free Freight Program

Collaboration with The Authentic T-Shirt Company/SanMar Canada

Save On Stitch Inc. is the official partner of The Authentic T-Shirt Company/SanMarCanada's ConsoliFreight Program. All promotional product distributors who ship from ATC/Sanmar Canada to Save On Stitch will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free Freight on every order, regardless of the order amount
  • No order handling fee
  • No restocking fee if you decide to cancel and return the products already ordered and/or shipped
  • No cost at all to our clients

Each day, Sanmar consolidates multiple orders heading to Save On Stitch, eliminating the need for our clients to bundle orders because your orders will always be shipped free from Sanmar to Save On Stitch. Simply place your order from SanMar Canada and have them shipped to Save On Stitch via the ConsoliFreight shipping method.